How it all Started

How it all Started

Let me share with you how Always Rich Creations began.
  It all began in 2013 when my son wanted a cake, not just any cake. He wanted a cake with dinosaurs and a volcano with running lava. Well, with two days before the party where would a mom find such a thing? He wanted a cake so.... Momma made him a cake. It was posted on social media and from their I made over 80 cakes my first year. With that the birth of Always Rich Creations came alive. The adventure only became more grand from there. 

 After several years of baking cakes and delivering them to events, my costly love for candles and a passion to create things ventured into creating candles and sharing my passion with others. Expanding on that idea, other creations have since been added to provide a vast variety of fragrances and solutions to make your home, car or office smell amazing. Creative minds never stop venturing.  Each item I create goes through rigorous testing before being proudly presented to you. 

It doesn’t stop there! I have now added candle making so that I can share my love of candle making with you.
I truly have a passion creating and bringing to life what my clients envision.  Thank you for supporting my dream and passion. 

Statements from clients:

"Amber has a keen ability to match her customer to a very unique product that no one else has. Whether it’s a cake or event, she knows how to fit her products to her client’s vision perfectly. Her experiences have given her exposure to a vast array of décor options and creative designs."
"You’ll be impressed by her abilities and after shopping around you will absolutely love what she can do over the competition."
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