Meet your Creators!

We are mom and daughter duo that share a love for baking and making. Our passion for baking comes to life with our Bakery Collection. We literally turn your sweet favorites into wax creations. So be sure to check it out as each dessert is hand crafted by us. 

Our passion for candle making can be experienced at one of our workshops.

Kyley teaches our kid's classes. Your kid's will love her interactive hands on classes. She will show them how to create the featured design using ALL Wax! It doesn't stop there the kids also enjoy crafts and games.

Adults and older kids can join me on a blending retreat as we indulge ourselves in over 30 different fragrances. We will create our very own candle using 100% soy wax and blend the finest fragrances around. Our adult classes also enjoy games and Happy Hour (pending location). 


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