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Carpet Freshener

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Natural Carpet Freshener that keeps your carpet smelling amazing!!

16 oz carpet freshener arrives in a plastic flip top container to control how much product is poured over surfaces.

Our product is non-toxic, made with no harsh chemicals, and biodegradable.


Shake powder generously over carpet allowing it to work its magic for 15-30 minutes. Simply remove the powder by vacuuming over treated areas & enjoy the fragrance of your home.

Our fresheners are also universal and may be used on a wide range of items in the home including mattress, sofas, smelly shoes, garbage cans and even inside your car.

Need a scrubbing power? Our product even works as a natural scrubbing powder in kitchens or bathroom. Test a small area of fabric prior to use.

Keep children and pets away from the carpet until all the powder is vacuumed.

Do not use if your vacuum manufacturer does not recommend using powdered carpet fresheners.

*Please note that item is based on weight and product may compact itself during shipment