Summer Candles
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Summer Candles

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Don’t let summer come to an end quite yet. Each fragrance is specially blended for our summer collection and is available for a limited time only.

We offer two different sizes:
Small ( Net wt. 7oz.) shown in aqua jar with gold leaves
Large ( Net wt. 10oz.) plain smooth jar (available in aqua or pink jar)

Fragrances available are:

- Sangria which is a tart berry fragrance with hints of citrus. It’s all the sangria without the alcohol.

- Tropical Getaway is a beautiful island floral fragrance. Imagine resting on those white sandy beaches and a breezes of beautiful tropical flowers fill the air.

- Paradise is exactly that….Paradise. Imagine A beautiful tropical island full of Bamboo landscaping all to yourself. Go ahead and Spray on that coconut oil you Beach Bum and relax in Paradise